During the month of June, 2 National Coordination Committees were held to ensure the final part of the project. These two meetings have been very important in the contribution of the final version of the Guide (O2).

In these meetings, together with the participants and the members, the different topics of the guide have been discussed and the changes and improvements to be included in the guide have been shared through the egalitarian dialogue.

Taking into account that these committees are composed of participants representing the target group of the Project and partner staffs, the results obtained from the meetings has been more diverse. Therefore, the heterogeneity of the profiles as well as gender equality has been ensured, both as a criterion of profile as a content criterion. So far, 7 people have participated in the Spanish National Coordination Committees: 3 participants, 3 volunteers and 2 technicians (1 person is both a volunteer and a participant).


National Coordination Committees (NCC) in Spain

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