FinanceGo Guide for Trainers

FinanceGO  Guide  for  educators  was created  as  a  part  of  the  FinanceGO  Project, which aimed to provide a resource for educators who offer Financial Education courses to young adults. This FinanceGO GO Guide aims to provide educators with practical tools and to inform them about how to use these tools educators about how to use the tools, in order to teach financial education to young adults using a dialogic learning approach and applying ‘Interactive Groups, a Successful Educational Action’ as identified by the research done in the topic (INCLUDE-ED, 2006-2011).

The contents of the FinanceGO Guide and the topics of financial education addressed are based on a curriculum of financial literacy developed as part of the previous EDU-FIN  project  (2014-2016),  which  took  into  account  the  voice  of  young  adults  and therefore was created using a dialogic learning approach. This curriculum was created through  aparticipatory  process  involving  young  adults  (themselves  at  risk  of  social exclusion) from four European countries; Spain, Austria, Bulgaria and Italy. The financial education  needs  and  ideas  of  young  adults  were  compared  and  contrasted  with European  financial  programmes  identified  as  good  practice.  Consequently,  the  topics addressed in the FinanceGO Guide are a result of an egalitarian dialogue between the good practice identified by research on what works best (Valls,Kyriakides,, 2013; Oliver, Gatt, 2010; Valero, Redondo-Sama, Elboj, 2018; García Carrión, Molina Roldán, Grande López, 2016)and the young people to whom this curriculum is addressed.